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Poll On President Sirleaf’s Reaction to Donald Trump’s Election as 45th President of the United States

President Sirleaf

President Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  of Liberia  made no secret who she wanted  to win the United States Presidential election when she did not hold back punches describing Donald Trump’s voctory as “mis-opportunity and saddens” her that the people of the United States  voted for Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton who  have been the first woman President like her, the first democratically elected female President of Africa.

Since leader’s reaction has sparked heated debate among  Liberians around the world and their reactions are visible on social media, specifically Facebook across the several Liberian plaftform with a large numbers ranging from as low 5000 to over 100,0000 active Liberians.

The poll is meant to survey Liberians to quantitatively measure  their view and determine the overall response and thought Liberians are given to their President’s reaction to  Donald Trump’s last Tuesday victory.


Please take our poll, your views are very important, it will provide us  the machincs summing up Liberians feedback to President Sirleaf’s reaction to United States President-elect Donald Trump  Novemeber 8th’s victory.

Result and analysis of the  poll will be published when the poll closes.



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