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Liberia:”They Are All Product of Bribery”, CAMTEFIL Labels Lawmakers


By Socrates
S. Saywon



Monrovia– The Center Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Liberia (CAMTEFIL) is calling on the National Legislature to rescind all laws enacted during its “special sitting” because they are all product of bribery which is crime under the penal code of Liberia. Holding the legal maxims which states” anything that was not done legally is not done at all.
CAMTEFIL, Maintains that there is no legal basis for special sitting fees under the constitution and the Public Financial Law of 2010 of the Republic of Liberia. The constitution in article 32 (ii) states in part… that “no monies shall be drawn from the treasure except in consequence of appropriations made by legislative enactment“ There is zero evidence that the bribery fees duped as “ special sitting fees” were allocated and appropriated by the very law makers who were objects and recipients of the bribery(special sitting fees).

CAMTEFIL observed that over the last twelve years, President Sirleaf has used this medium of bribery to appease gullible and vision-less lawmakers in lining their individual pockets while the ordinary masses walloped in object poverty giving the president and her family the right to cheaply mortgage the natural resources of the country only for the demand of their selfish motive of wealth acquisition at the disadvantage of suffering Liberians.

Additionally, article 90 b of the 1986 constitution states that No person holding office shall demand and receive any other perquisites, emoluments or benefits, directly or indirectly, on account of any duty required by Government. CAMTEFIL terms this as grave and unacceptable, and urgently calls on the Liberia National bar association to take the lead in challenging this gross act of bribery and pay to play by these unconscious and insensitive legislators and the seeker of ill-gotten wealth Executive to task by petitioning the Supreme court to declare and to the extent of these act of bribery all laws passed during “special sitting” null and void in keeping with article 2 of the 1986 constitution.
Furthermore, CAMTEFIL is calling on the special Presidential Task Force, the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit of Liberia to look into allegation of how eighty(80) million United States Dollars was expended from NOCAL bank accounts in three month(March 2015 to June 2015) leaving a bank balance of $500, 000. Also, it will be helpful for the Liberian people to know how did Robert Sirleaf spend $31 million within eighteen(18) months as chairman of a mere regulatory body in such a time when the ordinary people in the words of Nobel Prize Winner Lemmah Gbowee are dirt poor.
It must be made clear in all unequivocal and uncertain terms that NOCAL is not the President and her family personal property, and should be made accountable for the broad day theft, robbery and subsequent bankruptcy of NOCAL in satisfying their uncontrollable demand of wealth at the expense of the suffering people of Liberia. In a related development, CAMTEFIL calls on the Ministry of Justice not to shield those forwarded for investigation and prosecution as it relates to the revelation of fraud uncovered by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning. CAMTEFIL believes that the Liberian people have the right to know those who are plundering their resources and using their respective offices for the sole purpose of inserting untold suffering and hardship on the vast majority of the Liberian people.
CAMTEFIL believes that if there were no time in the nation’s history for civil society to rally forces in rescuing the resources of the country and unshackles the chain of poverty, hardship and hopelessness brought upon the people by the desire to steal, loot and defraud the people and government of Liberia by the Sirleaf’s family and Associates, now is the time; hence, deferring such will only derail the dreams of the already poverty stricken masses and capitulate the Liberian nation into a total collapsed state from its current failed state status.



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