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Liberia: Vigilant Citizens’ Action Leads to Two Arrest for Double Voter Registration & Forgery


By Socrates S. Sawon



Bong County, Liberia-Police in Bong County, one of fifteen counties of Liberia have arrested, charged and sent to court, two persons in connection with multiple voter registrations and forgery recently.
Mr. Dakana Dennis, a

ged 22, and Forkpah Mulbah, 32, were arrested separately on February 9 and 21 in Gbarnga and Palala, respectively, a police report says.
The commander of the Crime Services Division of the Bong County Police Detachment, John Kelenso Flomo, told a local radio station (Radio Gbarnga), that the two were arrested following tipoffs.
“For Dakana Dennis, he earlier registered at one center in Gbarnga and moved to another after few days to do another registration with different name,” Flomo told Radio Gbarnga. “It was then that some people who saw him at the previous center alerted the voter registration staffs who later contacted the police”, Commander Flomo said.
Flomo said Mulbah had registered in Palala, Bong, and later moved to River Gee to register under another name.
The local Police Commander told reporters that Mr. Forkpah had the two voter cards in his possession in Palala and [he was] telling people that the “National Elections Commission does not have the proper mechanism to stop people from doing double registration”.
Commander Flomo said some citizens of the community alerted the Police about Mulbah’s actions and the Police found their tip-off to be credible after he was arrested and found with the two voter registration cards in his possession.
For his part, Mr.Dennis and Mulbah admitted to registering to vote twice and pleaded for forgiveness for his crime.
The two men were charged with multiple registration and forgery and sent to court for prosecution.
The National Elections Commission Magistrate for Upper Bong County, Judge Daniel G. Newland, said,  the National Election Commission of Liberia is working with state securities and the courts to ensure that violators of the Election Laws are arrested and prosecuted according to law.
“The National Election Commission is also thankful to those citizens who hinted us to have these guys arrested,” Judge Newland said.
Judge Newland is encouraging citizens to keep watch of the voter registration process in their different communities to ensure  the process is conducted with sincerity.
Judge  Newland has also announced the closure of two voter registration centers in the third electoral district in Bong County.
Judge Newland further disclosed the two centers have attained NEC’s required 3,000 voters per center benchmark and needed to be closed.
The two centers are located at the Won-A-Nie School in Gbarnga, with center code 06150, and the Gbarnga Sunday Market with center code 06156.



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