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President Sirleaf Stabbing Her Vice President in the Back Because He’s A “Countryman”?

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By Socrates S. Saywon





MONROVIA-It appears the Unity Party is gradually crumbling and in matter of days the reality could be unbelievable. Internal bickering within the party has heightened and it is becoming clearer that the drama has widened.

A local civil society group, the North Central Alliance (NCA), is accusing  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  of  not supporting  her Vice President, Joseph Boakai for the Presidency in the country’s upcoming Presidential elections in October as her  second term comes to end in January 2018.

NCA says Vice President Boakai has diligently worked to make the Government accomplished uncountable number of projects and programs in the country and  her   pronouncement made of support Vice President Boakai  about a year ago was a “mere pretense grandiosely concocted to deceive, undermine and mislead the Vice President and his multitude of followers into submission and complacency, whereby our national agenda for societal transformation would become an abortive platform”.

“In order to substantiate the argument of the NCA that President Sirleaf has reportedly reneged on supporting the Vice President, she has demonstrated an act of foot-dragging to support Vice President Boakai and the Unity Party”, a Press Release scorned President Sirleaf.

The group indicated that “to conspicuously tell the Liberian people that the Liberian leader is not supporting her Vice President is to point to her blatant refusal to take action against senior level officials and confidants of her administration who have resigned from the Party and declared support for other candidates and made disparaging comments against the very Government she presides over in which they work.

The civil society organization also claims the President, “while on her recent nationwide tour, made it categorically clear to all and sundry that she will not support any candidate but instead the one who wins”, NCA’s Press Release asserted.

These are all actions and inaction, jibes and insinuations that compel thousands of fellow citizens as well as the NCA to deduce and conclude that Madam President is not supportive of her Vice President who has diligently worked to make the Government accomplished uncountable number of projects and programs in the country.

The group said it has” unimpeachable information that has been hatched against the Vice President simply because he is a “country man” adding that in their words “countrymen are unworthy to preside over the state”.

“Even in his unwavering loyalty and support to Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has callously elected to deceive and stab our leader in the back by rather supporting someone else whose agenda runs contrary to the interest and aspirations of the people of Liberia,” the group indicated in the release.

The term “countryman” or “countrywoman” is a local Liberian terminology which refers to indigenous people meaning one is not from the civilized or elite class of the country.



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