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“The New Dispensation” Appoints New Country Editor for Liberia



By J K K Peah



MONROVIA- “The New Dispensation” online newspaper has appointed Mr. Socrates S. Saywon, Country Editor of Liberia for “The New Dispensation” and his appointment takes immediate effect.

According to the Letter of Appointment, Mr Saywon will be in charge of running the operations of “The New Dispensation” in Liberia including news, management and staffing, among others, work in Coordination with the Publisher and Editor -In-Chief of “The New Dispensation” in the United States.

In his Letter of Appointment, the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief  of  “The New Dispensation”, J K K Peah writes of Mr. Saywon, “your appointment  is in recognition of your steadfast journalistic commitment in covering news and unwavering determination to uphold the journalism creed” . “We look forward to working with you and wish you success on your preferment”, the letter concluded.

Before his new preferment, Mr Saywon  worked with several reputable news institutions including Editor-In-Chief of the Spirit Newspaper, his last.

The appointment of a Country Editor is the first and begining of “The New Dispensation” business plan to expand to other countries.

 Liberia with Nigeria are the two countries the online newspaper gaint is taking off its global expansion plan which in the near future will include radio station, television, magazine and other ventures.

The appointment of Mr Saywon could not come at no challenging times and timely enough as Liberia goes to the polls in October and the need for an undeterred news covering  needed that is immuned to  rogue coverage of  happenings in Liberia as well as the elections that the public and the world can rely on for incorruptible reporting- an endangered species of journalism practice in Liberia today.




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