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Liberia: Election Commission Chairman, Cllr Korkoya Must Recuse Himself Or President Sirleaf Replaces Him Without Delay

J K K Peah


Allegation and material evidence provided which is yet to be authenticated through investigation that the Chairman of the National Election Commission of Liberia, Cllr Jerome Korkoya is a foreign national with United States citizenship is a grave development and almost a week after the revelation of these allegations, the Liberian government is yet to conduct investigation to delve into the authenticity of the allegations taint the electoral process and the October election and becloud the Commission with suspicion and erodes the integrity in such a critical time and a serious distraction that could dampen the efficiency of the Commission and therefore a swift action must be taken that President Sirleaf ask Chairman Korkoya to step down or replaces him without delay to move on with the business of conducting the election without impediment and hampered by the current distraction hanging over the National Election Commission and the Chairman.

Mere refutation by Cllr Korkoya that he is not a United States citizen is not enough in the absence of investigating the veracity of his alleged U S and Liberian passports published in the media recently.

President Sirleaf Must ask the Chairman to recuse himself as Chairman while the government conducts investigation in his alleged United States citizenship to defuse the cloud of suspension and the erosion of the Commission’s integrity, an imperative  delicacy to conduct a credible election.

A swift action by the President to as Cllr Korkoya to step aside while investigation into his alleged U S citizenship is conduct is a sacred stance that must be taken in keeping with the President Oath of office taken to protect the constitution and laws of Liberia as a foreign being in charge of conduct the country’s election is a fundamental infraction to the core of the nation that no President and government can attend the usual Liberian brush-off mentality response to.

The accusation of the  Chairman  Korkoya of being a foreigner tarnishes the vision of the Commission “to be a credible electoral authority managing public elections for the Liberian People in line with the laws of Liberia and international best practices” and consequently questions its independence to adjudicate issues of aspirants possessing foreign citizenship but contesting the elections, a widespread phenomena in the October election which the Commission will have to deal with whereas the mission of the Commission committed to strengthening democracy and sustainable peace by managing free, fair and transparent elections for the Liberian People”, is all but a worthless statement and if swift action is not taken, the country will be setting itself up for chaos and that is the last thing Liberians would hope for their country.

Cllr Korkoya legal competence to conduct the Liberia’s election is serious owing to the allegation that he is  a U S citizen  because if indeed he is a U S citizen and still presides over the October elections, it will be illegitimate, non and avoid, a scary scenario the  country must avert without delay by calling on National Election Commission Chairman to recuse himself or President Sirleaf takes swift action and replaces him to save the country’s posterity.


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