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Liberia: U S 2008 Voting Records Confirm Embattled Election Commission Chairman, Korkoya is United States Citizen


J K K Peah


Philadelphia, USA – About a week now after news outlets published the first story that the Chairman of the National Election Commission of Liberia presiding over the October 10th election, Cllr Jerome Korkoya might be a United States citizen, followed by a subsequent publication this week of two passports alleging to belonging to Chairman Korkoya, a news outlet, LibPolitics, has published the voting records from the United States 2008 election which confirm  Chairman Korkoya  is listed as a registered voter in the Township Williamsboro in the state of New Jersey contradicting Cllr. Korkoya’s  denial that he is not a United States citizen, describing the allegation as a “distraction”.

Courtesy of LibPolitics

The latest publication of Chairman Korkoya’s 2008 voting record in the United States, debunks any denial and move the allegation to a steel-proof material evidence that he is a United States citizen, making him illegitimate to preside over Liberia’s October election because by Liberian constitution and Aliens and Nationality laws, he is a foreigner and not a Liberian citizen as he lost his Liberian citizenship when he naturalized as a United States citizen.

Liberian election laws also require a natural born Liberian to preside over  election in the country and also committed perjury as Chairman Korkoya lied to the Liberian Senate as he told that body during his confirmation that he was not a United States or foreign citizen.

Chairman Korkoya will have no alternative but to resign or  President Sirleaf removes and replace him without delay considering how the October election is significant to the posterity of the country and recognizing the lack of integrity, independence and consistency of principles the Chairman and Commission to conduct a credible election which the public can believe in that it fair and impartial to adjudicate cases that will come before the Commission challenging the eligibility of candidates many of whom allegedly hold foreign citizenship such as former Coco Cola executive, Mr Alexander Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress and Senator George, Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Senator Weah  of the country’s biggest opposition party, Coalition for Democratic Change who hold U S citizenship and others disqualified by the National Code of Conduct including former National Bank Governor, Dr J. Mills Jones of the Movement for Economic Empowerment, Vice Standard Bearer Harrison Karnwea of the Liberty Party who resigned his Director post few weeks to his selection and Ambassador Jeremiah Slunteh, Vice Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress contrary to the Code of Conduct.

Despite these aspirants not being eligible either by the constitution, election laws or National Code of Conduct, they are  fiercely campaigning around the country though the National Election Commission is yet to formally declare the start of campaign and interesting so, those disqualified by the Code of Conduct are doing so in defiance of the Liberian Supreme Court on March 2nd this year ruling, upholding the constitutionality of the Code of Conduct and there is no other path for disqualified aspirants to seek legal redress when they are declared ineligible  by the National Election Commission to be on the ballot in the October election.



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