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Liberia: An American & Presidential Candidate Use of Human-Vehicles On Campaign, Brings Back Ghost of Country’s Dark Past

                            Alexander Cummings in hammock being toted by locals


By J K K Peah


Former Coco Cola Executive, Alexander Cummings who retired last March took some of his fortune to Liberia where he was born but denounced his citizenship for  naturalized American citizenship, returned after over 40 years of living outside of the country to contest for President in October though he is ineligible by the constitution, election laws and National Code of Conduct and Liberia does not have dual citizenship, is using human-vehicles to transport him on his latest camp stump.

            President Tubman being toted

Liberian social media platforms  ignited today with images  emanating  from the western hinterland of the country with the former Coco Cola executive and Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress being toted by locals in hammock and carried on their heads creating outrage across Liberian social media platforms.

Many feel it brings back the ghost of Liberia’s dark past such as  the Fernando Po force labor crisis in the 1920s which sold native Liberians into force labor in Fernando Po and eventually the League of Nations intervened and President King and his Vice President Allen Yancy resigned because of their role. Another ghost the images resurface is  the  Hut Tax, a tax collection system implemented  during the 1920s to  1950s where native Liberians were abused and beaten by soldiers to force them pay their Hut Taxes. In  all these circumstances, the native Liberians were forced to tot government officials and soldiers in hammock on their heads who went to collect the hut taxes.

The Tubman imperial presidency which reigned over Liberia from 1944 to 1970 also used human vehicle to transport the Liberian President to places in the interior of the country not accessible by road.

The natives in the hinterland use hammock for medical transport where the sick, weak and can’t walk and are transported in the hammock to a nearby health facility.





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