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Observer Group, LIAFO Writes NEC Chairman Korkoya To Step Down For The Peace & Security of Liberia

P R E S S   R E L E A S E


Liberia-America Friendship Organization

Old LUBI Bldg. 2nd Floor

Randall/Broad Street, Monrovia


APRIL 30, 2017

Dear Chairman Korkoya,

Concerned about the meddling of foreign nationals in Liberia’s election, we communicated with you last March drawing your attention to this disturbing and potential danger of foreign nationals aspiring for seats in the October election and harbored by political parties who allowed them to contest for elected slots in their conventions in flagrant disregard for the law- the election guidelines, constitution and all other regulations relevant to the conduct and participating in the elections.

To our dismay, Mr Chairman, you are yet to respond to our communication addressing the six- point concern and six- point recommendation forwarded to your office which could help straighten the electoral process and build confidence in the election.

As an institution accredited by NEC to observe the elections as contained in our letter of intent to the Commission.  and our guiding philosophy of fosters US-Liberia relations and historical friendly ties between Liberia and United States with the promotion of democracy and human rights at the core of our mission statement, we are shocked to have realized that you too, Mr Chairman, is a foreign national who hold U S citizenship which LIAFO verified with the Township of Williamsboro’s Board of Canvass, the state of New Jersey where you are listed as an active registered voter, voting  in the 2008 election of the United States.

In view of the foregoing Mr Chairman, the Liberia-America Friendship Organization advises you to step down as Chairman of the National Election Commission because you are a United States citizen and by Liberian constitution, election and immigration laws, you are not a Liberian citizen and therefore can not preside over the country’s election.

Mr Chairman, your American citizenship is irrefutable contrary to your public denial and as an institution observing the elections, meaning observing every aspect of the conduct of the electoral process up to the eventful October 10th election day, we call on you to step down before May 9th and do not perform the peculiar function of issuing the “Writ of Election” on that day because doing so will be illegal and illegitimate and the Writ will be null and void thereby jeopardizing the peace and security of the country, the very foundation of our observation mission.

Your vehement refusal to step down as Chairman  and continuous running  of the affairs of of the Commission pose a serious security threat to the Liberian nation, it is therefore in the best interest of the peace and security of the people of Liberia you step down and not put the country on edge in an already high-tension elections.

Mr Chairman, you have also lost the “good moral character” criteria required to lead the Commission by your persistent public denial of your American citizenship and the manner you are addressing  this grave fact which also places a dark cloud on your independence, judgement and transparency of the Commission, ultimately tainting the result of the election before the election is held, a recipe for instability.

We wish to put you on notice that if you fail to resign  on or before May 9th and keep presiding over the Commission, LIAFO will be left with no option but to  file Injunction against you to prevent you from issuing the “Writ of Election” on May May 9t.

Mr Chairman, being an American citizen also brings with it immense responsibilities including but not limited to American citizens abroad conducting themselves  in a fashion consistent  with precepts the United States stands for and that no such citizens get involve in activities that compromise the peace and security of a foreign nation or its people as well as violence and confusion consistent with the new anti-terrorism law.

If your refusal to resign leads to political instability, LIAFO will network with other Liberian civil society groups and the Liberian people to bring charges against you in U S courts,  the same charges under the United States new anti-terrorism law which put  Charles Taylor, Jr  (Chuckey Taylor) in prison for 147 years.

We will not allow the peace and security of Liberia to be compromised for the ego of an individual or group of people while  instability hangs over the country, the people of Liberia are tired of chaos and violence, they deserve a breathe of fresh air,  peace and national renewal.


J K K Peah



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