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Liberia: “Warrant of Arrest” In United States For Dept. Police Director, A B Kromah For Child & Spousal Support Default.



Abraham Kromah, Deputy Police Director/Liberia

J K K Peah


New Jersey- Elizabeth County Court in the state of New Jersey, United States has issued a Bench Warrant for  arrest of Liberia’s Deputy Police Director,  Abraham B Kromah for Child and Spousal support.

According to court documents, the Liberian Deputy Police Director is in default paying his Child Support in the amount of USD$17,225.00 and Spousal Support to his ex-wife, Fatima Bintu Sheriff, totaling USD$20,278.47  after a settlement reached between the two parties in 2011 when they officially parted ways as husband and wife.


Fatima Bintu Sheriff



Information confided to this outlet and confirmed, that Ms. Sheriff had tried on countless occasions to settled this amicably with the Director Kromah but to no avail but he would rant at her accusing her of being a “gold digger” giving the impression that she  wants to exploit him rather than he meeting up to his legal obligation as the Court ordered to pay his legal obligation his three children and spousal support.

The Court ordered Director Kromah to his ex-wife USD$200.00 per month for five years  but refused to abide by the Court’s Order.

Director Kromah’s refusal to pay his Child and Spousal Support through the Court as Ordered by the Elizabeth County Court since 2011, triggered the Court to issue “Bench Warrant” for his immediate arrest.

This outlet had tried to contact Kromah for comment on the Warrant that is out for his arrest but to no avail but according to local Liberian newspaper reports coming out of Liberia, Director Kromah has commented as saying his lawyer in the United States is handling the matter but as of this publication, the sources close to his Ex-wife and the family say, they have not received communication from the court that Director Kromah had contacted the court through his Lawyer on the matter and the “Bench Warrant” for his arrest is still active, meaning should he enter the United States, he would immediately be arrested, handcuffed and sent to jail and arraigned before the Elizabeth County Court.

Attached are court documents of the Child and Spousal Support default and Divorce Decree of the nullified marriage between Fatima Bintu Sheriff and Director Kromah

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