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Liberia: Code of Conduct Headache, Liberty Party In Search of New Vice Standard Bearer



By J K K Peah


Liberia’s  National Code of Conduct is becoming  for political parties and aspirants who intending to contest the country’s election in October following the March ruling of the Supreme Court upholding as constitutional and  the 10-Year Residency Clause. binding and applicable the October elections thereby forcing recasitrant aspirants and political parties to revert into panic and crisis mode, scrambling how to adjust the Supreme Court’s ruling.

A highly placed source within the inner hierarchy of one of Liberia’s opposition parties, the Liberty Party is in crisis mode scrambling to replace the party’s current Vice Standard Bearer, Harrison Karnweah who joined the party few weeks after his resignation  early this year from the Sirleaf government before his appointment as Vice Standard Bearer of the Liberty Party who is disqualified to contest for seat in the ensuing election because he failed to resign from public office two years before the election as the Code of Conduct requires of all executive appointees to do to contest for seat in an election.

The Liberty Party Vice Standard Bearer is among other aspirants including former Central Bank Governor of Liberia, Dr J Mills Jones, Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh are all aspirants in violation of the Code of Conduct and won’t contest the election.

Aspirants and political parties in violation of the Code of Conduct had all earlier dismissed the Supreme Court ruling and insisted the “Code of Conduct” did not apply to them despite the ruling and had taken on the Standard Bearer  and Vice Standard Bearer ships of their respective parties, defying the court’s ruling.

In recent weeks the aspirants and their respective political parties mounted a fierce slinky propaganda using a draft recommendation of Liberia’s Good Governance Commission 2016 annual report suggesting the National Election Commission  declare the Code of Conduct and 10-Years  Residency Clause of the constitution inapplicable which would had given ineligible candidates escape route to contest the elections.

The propaganda suffered a huge decimation few days ago when the Good Governance Commission refuted and withdrew the recommendation and standby the Supreme Court ruling on the Code of  Conduct and the 10-years clause of the Liberian constitution, emphasizing that the Commission was only making the recommendation because the Code of Conduct  was pending before the Supreme Court and wanted to suggest clarity since it was not adjudicated at the time.

The Commission concluded that now the Supreme Court  has sent down its ruling, declaring the Code of Conduct constitutional, the Commission was withdrawing its recommendation and supports the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Since the withdrawal of the Governance recommendation and supporting the Supreme Court’s ruling aspirants and political parties in violation of the Code of Conduct have rapidly descending into ghost towns as their supporters have come to term with the reality that their party and candidates won’t be on the ballot in October.

The Good Governance Commission was coerced to backtracked its  recommendation following a consistent and strong condemnation by Liberians at home and abroad.

A legal mind interviewed said, the Cllr Charles Brumbskine who is an officer of the Supreme Court being a Counselor at law, would dare to defy the Supreme Court ruling and carried the very case before Court on a matter the court already adjudicated. He will be reprimanded if he challenges the ruling because the Supreme Court is the final arbiter justice and what they say is final and binding.










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