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LIAFO Lauds NEC for Enforcing “Code of Conduct”/Election Laws But Calls For Sanctity At the Commission Too





Liberia-America Friendship Organization


The Liberia-America Friendship Organization wishes to commend the National Election Commission (NEC) for assuring the Liberian people and international community including democratic institutions, especially those working along with the Commission to ensure a free, fair and transparent election by demonstrating the will power to reject two aspirants who are not in compliance with the National Code of Conduct.

LIAFO is impressed and has every reason to be confident that the election laws, constitution, Code of Conduct and all other relevant regulations applicable to the conduct of the election will be enforced across the board without preferential treatment of status, popularity or how deep the pockets  of a candidate are but every aspirant is scrutinized without leaving any stone unturned, vetting the information and  candidates and evidence they provide the Commission and not rely on their mere acknowledgement of the supportive documentation presented which could be flaw and far from the facts.

As LIAFO stated in its  letter to the Commission early this year, we indicated that LIAFO is observing this election and the electoral process to in store integrity, confidence in election wherein the Liberian people can verify the process and the election result of their own  informed judgement counting on the transparency of the process and with the intent to dis-incentivize  the climate for falsehood by defeated candidates who could intentionally mislead the country by crying wolf though the material evidence from the polling centers verified by independent observers and ramp up their supporters in the streets, which would then erode the peace and stability the country is enjoying.

This could also put an irreparable dent on the democratic milestone Liberia is about to achieve by conducting its third successive post-war elections and the peaceful transfer of power from one government to the next, the first time in seventy-three years. It is therefore the solemn responsibility of every Liberian, political party, the Commission and observer groups as well as international groups to guide this all-important birth the country is on the verge of history to make in seventy-three years.

Liberia can only achieve this milestone by breaking new grounds for the renaissance of a new country where no one is above the law or bigger than the country and the Commission as conductor of the election MUST set the pace because the Commission cannot be applying the laws and requirements on political parties, candidates, observer groups, voters and the media while the Commission itself relishes in the blatant violation of the laws that govern the Commission and the Commissioners as the current Chairman, Cllr Jerome Korkoya continues to preside over the conduct of the election when he is in court facing allegation for violating a very crucial law that governs the Commission and Commissioners, accused and  which LIAFO has verified,  that the Chairman is a United States citizen.

LIAFO is appalled about this double standard and conflict of interest  the Commission is engaged in, a tragedy if not repremended will destroy the credibility of the Commission to conduct a credible election and is on the trajectory of making a paralleled history of the Ambassador Emmet Harmon Special Election Commission of the 1985 elections.

LIAFO therefore calls on the Board of Commissioners of the National Election Commission which encompasses the five Commissioners, to vote or impress upon Chairman Jerome Korkoya to rescues him from presiding over the elections until his case is fully adjudicated to protect the sanctity of Commission and the electoral process.

LIAFO makes the plead to the Board Commissioners in the fierce urgency of what is at stake when the National Legislature and the President of the Republic, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a Noble Peace Laureate, will hasten to grasp the danger of keeping a Chairman who himself is in violation of the very laws he is enforcing and presiding over this milestone election whose result will be illegitimate if the current chairman conducts the elections in October, a nothing in resemblance  to the 2005  election which ushered in the Sirleaf despite the war climate it was held.

This is not the trouble Liberia needs when President Sirleaf leaves office, not a government emerged out of a tainted and illegitimate process which could be opened for de-legitimacy and cloud of mistrust hanging over it.

Liberia is at a crossroad and the Commission is the captain, making a democratic voyage, you have the noble duty to patriotically sail this vessel through and or do injustice to your conscious and humanity by embracing the very dark annuals of Liberia’s elections of 1928 where the Commission produced more votes than registered voters and in the recent past, the Emmet Harmon elections of 1985.

If Liberia must change, it takes individual and collective effort and the selfless stance every Liberian  can stand up for in the interest of the national advancement of the country and the NEC is at this place in history making, where you choose  your place far from the paralells of the 1928 and 1985 elections.

In appreciation of the new dispensation the Commission is sailing the country through, LIAFO again commends you and stresses you equitably apply the laws without favor or special interest and let Liberia ehcoes across international wires,  that Africa’s oldest Republic and democracy has done it again,  and is BACK!


J. K KPeah













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