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Liberia Could Have First Non-Liberian “First Lady”, If……


Mrs, Clar Weah

BY J K K Peah


Philadelphia, USA- The tiny African nation of Liberia is a small but peculiar country, in 1847 and twenty to years to the plunder of the African continent by imperial European powers, it declared a controversial independence and became a sovereign nation, becoming Africa’s first independent republic and oldest democracy, becoming an inspirational nation and beacon of hope for African liberation as colonized countries conquered by the imperial west fought for self-determination of their own destiny, a century later.

In 2005, after 14 years of civil war, this intriguing tiny African nation of 4.6 million people and land mass of 43,000 sq miles,  again surprised the world when it elected the first democratically elected woman President in Africa, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and  12 years later, the country could be on the verge of making yet another history by having the first non Liberian First Lady,  Mrs. Clar Weah, a Jamaican-American in the country’s Executive Mansion, official office and residents of the Liberian President.

Mrs Clar Weah is wife of Senator George Weah, a football icon turned politician who is one of the leading candidates of the top two political parties and leader of Liberia’s largest opposition party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).weahwife01

Mrs Weah Casting her ballot in 2014 while her husband looked on

Mrs Weah, though  has been married to Senator Weah for over 20 years and under the Liberian constitution, as a negro decent, is eligible to become a Liberian citizen, she has not attempted acquiring Liberian citizenship and while she is eligible to become citizen, She is yet to meet the conditions stipulated in the country’s Alien and Nationality law which requires applicant for naturalization, married to a Liberian, to live in the country five years before being qualified and to remain in the country while their application is being processed and naturalization certificate subsequently given after a tough vetting process.

The Liberian opposition leader and Senator, who could become President as he is locked in a race with the sitting Vice President, Joseph N Boakai in the election set for October 10, 2017 had been residing in the country consistently while his wife and family lived in the United States with Mrs. Weah making rare visits to the country and no evidence she had ever lived in Liberia for six months, a situation which makes her ineligible to apply for Liberian citizenship.

Mrs Weah will not be casting ballot for her husband and though is poised to becoming Liberia’s next First Lady, she will escort her husband to the voting booth on election day, a different scenario from her husband’s Senatorial election of 2014 when they both cast their ballots at the same polling center, which begs the question about how Mrs Weah could have registered and voted in the country’s election when she is not a Liberian citizen.

If the Liberian icon, Senator George Weah is elected President and the Jamaican-American First Lady, Mrs Weah ascends to the office of the First Lady, it could pose a serious challenge to the First Lady and she might find it difficult to relate to Liberian women because of distance and not residing in the country  don’t know their issues as well as the priorities and circumstances of the country- the country could have a total stranger as their First Lady who is detached from the realities of the country with a divided loyalty to United States and Jamaica while having non for  Liberia, a country who she could be First Lady of.

If the Liberian legend is elected President, he would be the only candidate who wife and children did not cast a ballot for him and family has been living in the United States and barely visit the country, with his wife, Mrs Weah making a last minute touch down in the country and since hit the campaign trail, 10 days to the election as she arrived in the country last Sunday, which paints a picture of a tourist visit after a very long time being in the country.





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