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Liberia’s Election: Preliminary Results Could Put Ruling Party and Largest Opposition Into Runoff In November



                                                                                                                                                    Polling Center: Courtesy of LIAFO Observers


By J K K Peah



Philadelphia, USA -Preliminary election results coming from polling centers from across Liberia indicate  the voting pattern of voters remained  stagnant with the ruling Unity Party and the country’s largest opposition party, Coalition for Democratic for the runoff.

Early election results filtering from polling centers from across the country reporting by media institutions, on radio,  televisions and beamed live on the internet and social media show the ruling Unity Party and opposition Coalition for Democratic Change are accruing the lion share of the votes and  the rest of the 18 political parties getting insignificant share of the votes except in Grand Bassa  County where the Liberty Party is expected to win and Nimba County which the MDR party of former rebel leader and Senator Prince Johnson is expected to win.


In Montserrrado County, where the country’s capital Monrovia is located,  has about 40% of the votes and the Unity Party and Coalition for Democratic parties are performing neck and neck followed by new comer and former Coco Cola executive Alexander Cummings with an unimpressive third place.

The Unity Party is performing well in the western cluster, which has five counties, the region of the Vice President and is leading with huge margins while the opposition is performing well  in the Southeast corridor of the  country over the Unity Party.

The southeastern corridor which has five counties are less populated contrasting to the western cluster  counties which are vote-rich.

The preliminary results also show the ruling Unity Party is performing nationwide while the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change is performing in sporadic counties combined with the southeast

The two parties for the runoff are contending in Bong County, a vote rich county which the ruling party won in 2011 with a strong and unexpected strong performance from the ruling Party in Nimba County which has the second largest registered voters.

With the sweeping show of strength in the western cluster combined with the neck and neck performance in Montserrado county as well as strong performance nationwide, the ruling Unity is poised to win the first round of the election and will put the party and opposition Coalition for Democratic Change in the runoff in November if their win does not reach the 50 plus 1% threshold set by the constitution.

Liberia is  on the verge of making history and consolidating its democracy and peace as  Liberians hail the peaceful  and transparent conduct of the election as evident as media institutions are  all of whom are lauding the election as free and fair.

Liberians at home and abroad are also hailing the peaceful and transparent conduct of the election and have confidence in the National Election Commission,  the first time in the country’s recent history.


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