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Agents of Chaos: Could Charles Taylor’s Master Plan to Disrupt Liberia’s Peaceful, Free & Fair Election In Full Circle?


                                                                L-R: Brumskine, Weah

By J K K Peah


Philadelphia, USA – Two days after Liberia’s historic peaceful, free and fair election on Tuesday and live reporting of results by media institutions from an open and public counts of ballots at polling centers across the  country with party agents and independent local observers participating in the tallying the votes count, two of Liberia’s opposition leaders, Cllr. Charles Brumskine, second cousin of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of the Liberty Party and Senator George Weah, the football icon turned politician of the Coalition for Democratic Change are raising and taking steps to thwart what many Liberians see as an outstanding election in anytime of their country’s history and sow seeds of chaos.

The Liberty Party Presidential candidate though performing dismally in the counting, through his party Chairman, Benjiman Sanvee in a press statement said the National Election Commission should halt the announcement of provisional result, scheduled for today.

Liberty Party’s Chairman, Mr Benjiman Sanvee informed Reuters , “we will are calling on NEC to immediately halt further announcements of election results. If NEC does not cooperate with our request, we will take appropriate legal action”.

The National Election Commission through its spokesperson told the Reuters that it is not aware of the Liberty Party’s contention and does not believe illegal acts transpired during the election.

‘The Liberty Party is deeply troubled by the discovery of irregularities and fraud, Chairman Benjiman Sanvee conveyed in his press release.

The Presidential candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change and Liberia biggest political party, Senator George Weah who and Vice President Joseph Boakai are two front-runners from unofficial results filtering in to the Liberian media by reporters accredited to observe the election who reports come from official results at the polling centers, told the press he will not accept any result except a result that declares him winner of the election.

Unofficial results from polling centers across the country do not measure up with the opposition leader’s demand  as evidence show he is not doing well in the western cluster of the country which has five counties and are vote-rich but in the southeast corridor of the country where the opposition Coalition is performing but not vote-rich and the ruling Unity Party is competing.

The media and Liberians generally believe there will be a run-off between the two front -runners between the ruling Unity Party and opposition Coalition for Democratic Change in November when all the votes are tallied and no candidates receives a 50 plus 1% threshold as set by the constitution.

The Coalition for Democratic Change Presidential candidate demand that he be declared  winner of the election and it will be the only result he will accept though his party’s performance in the counting is a far-stretch from the reality of unofficial result, suggest that such statement could be putting in motion the accusation that the war-crime convict Charles Taylor’s instruction to him to declare himself winner of the election before the National Election Commission makes the official announcement of the election result, an accusation he the opposition leader denied before the Tuesday election.

The Taylor’s strategy to the opposition leader to announce himself winner of the election before any official announcement by the National Election Commission might be well underway as fake online news network has declared the opposition leader as President-elect of Liberia when official provisional result is yet to be announced and party members and sympathizers are taken onto social media peddling this Russian-style propaganda to sow chaos  and is going viral stoking nervousness and fear of instability among Liberians  at home and abroad.

Charles Taylor, the war crime convict former wife is the Vice Presidential candidate to the Senator and is widely reported to be meddling into the affairs of Liberia from a London prison.

Senator Weah has confirmed he spoke with Taylor from his prison but denies accusation that Taylor is bank rolling his campaign and providing strategy and other form of support.



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