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Prominent Businessman Cry Foul of Election Fraud and Warns Opposition Leader Is In Bed With Wicked People


Prominent Liberian businessman and politician who contested the country’s October 10th election has break silence since the election.

Speaking at Press Conference his All Liberian People Party-ALP headquarters in Monrovia, the country’s capital, Mr Benoni Urey who contested on the ALP ticket, vented out his frustration with the Chairman of the National Election Commission for what he term as widespread voting irregularities and challenged the poor performance of one percent he received from the election.

“Let them give us 24 hours and see if we don’t put 100,000 people in the streets to show our strength”, the former presidential candidate insisted.

The former presidential candidate told the press that from the very onset of the process he was consistent raising foul in how the National Election Commission  was proceeding with the electoral process including writing several international partners such as U S Embassy in Liberia, National Democratic Institute (NDI), USAID and the Commission itself but nothing was done.

Mr Urey says he holds these international institutions liable for the irregularities and state of affairs of the country but also congratulated the European Union swift and detailed report on the election which also revealed the wrongful ruling of the country’s Supreme Court on the Code of Conduct.

The Liberian businessman also used the press conference to warn the opposition leader, Senator George, one of the top two in the run-off with Vice President Joseph Boakai that he is in bed with wicked and he should be very careful.

“GeorgeWeah is my little brother, I am advising him to be careful because he is working along with wicked people, and he is a young man. We have a political prostitute in this country who is responsible for all of our problems, been using us.”

The former Presidential candidate failed to name who that ‘political prostitute” is and call on Senator George Weah, presidential candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change to put his partisans in check and let peace prevail in the country.

The All Liberian Party’s standard bearer  said the attack on talk show host Henry Costa, an executive of his party by partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change yesterday was unacceptable in not the spirit of peace, nothing no one person has monopoly over violence but everyone should work for Liberia to be at peace.

The talk show host was attacked two times yesterday in down town Monrovia by mob from the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change for what they term as “talking against their leader”, Senator George Weah.

A day before the attach, the talk show host played phone recording between him and Senator Weah in where the opposition leader asked the talk show host for his support to help his ticket cling the Presidency on November 7th but told his audience he has taken side in the election and that is to warn the Liberian people if Senator Weah becomes President, the country will go back to war and because President Sirleaf whose government he has criticized all along and the opposition hailed him as heroes were now in bed and colluding with President to ensure the opposition leader becomes President.

Mr Costa revealed on his show that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is bank rolling the opposition leader campaign to ensure he wins with the purpose that his administration fails and she could in be in control of his government as well as secure a political space for her son, Robert Sirleaf who has since joined the opposition bloc and he goes into the Senate.




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