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Liberia: Political Parties Accuse President Sirleaf of Rigging October 10th Election


By J K K Peah


The ruling Unity Party of Liberia and three other opposition political parties have accused President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of rigging  the country’s October 10th election inf favor of the opposition Coalition of Democratic Change of football icon  turned Senator George Weah who finished on top of other candidates with the Vice President, Joseph Boakai coming second, consequently eligible for the two to go in the run-off  which is scheduled for November 7th.

Courtesy: FrontpageAfrica- Press Conference of four political parties

In a Press Conference held by the four political parties of Liberia on the state of affairs of the election of October 10th, the political speaking through the Chairman of the Unity Party in a statement read said, President Ellen John-Sirleaf and the Chairman of National Election Commission, Cllr Jerome Korkoya colluded and rigged the election.

The political parties revealed that after the conduct of the October 10th election, they received reports of  voting irregularities and some voters denied to vote because they had their names were not on the roster though they registered to vote and felt those irregularities were minor and the Commission could used administrative measures to correct the them before the runoff election on November 7th.

The Unity Party Chairman said, they were wrong as the weeks went by, they uncovered numerous evidence from across of ballot papers buried but recovered by ordinary citizens and the huge number of voters disenfranchised by the Commission from excising their right to vote or for to who voted and their ballots buried and did not count.

The four political parties statement called out President Sirleaf for directly and indirectly interfering in the election and manipulating the process to fraudulently impose a President on the country rather than being grateful to the Liberian people to elect the President of their choice.

Chairman Wilmot Pay of the ruling Unity Party in the statement also said the act of President Sirleaf to cite election magistrates to her private home for a privacy discussion was a ploy to manipulate the election workers to interfere in the election and carry out  fraud.

President Sirleaf is widely accused of undermining her party and her Vice President, Joseph Boakai ….. supporting the opposition candidate, Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change for what is believed her quest to control the next government from outside and provide a room for the son of her heart, Robert Sirleaf to go into the Senate by the vacancy of Senator Weah election to the  Presidency.

The ruling Unity party and three other parties join the Liberty Party  which had earlier filed case of voting irregularities, asking for the rerun of the election until the logical conclusion of the case but did signal they Unity Party will boycott the November 7th runoff





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