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Liberia: Supreme Court Orders Temporary Halt To November 7th Run-off Election


By J K K Peah


The Supreme Court of Liberia last night put a stay order on the conduct of the country’s November 7th run-off election.

The Writ of Prohibition to the National Election Commission commanded the Commission “to stay any and all actions on the conduct of the November 7, 2017 run-off election pending disposition of Petitioners’ Petition”  and that the National Election Commission appear before the Supreme Court to show cause why the Court sbould not grant petitioners request for a rerun of the October 10th election conducted by the Commission.

One of the opposition parties which participated in the October election, Liberty Party which fielded Cllr Charles Brumskine as Standard Bearer, filed a law suit before the Supreme Court comlaining widespread irregularities and fraud, praying the Court to nullify the result and halt the November 7th run-off and orders a rerun of the election.

On Sunday, in a joint press conference in Monrovia, thet ruling Unity Party, All Liberian People Party and other opposition party speaking through Mr Wilmot Paye, Chairman of the Unity Party in a statement said, they were joining the Liberty Party’s law suit against the National Election Commission requesting the nullification of the election and orders a rerun because of widespread irregularities and fraud

The Unity Party in the press conference, accused President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who heads the ruling party of directly and indrectly interfering with election evident by the meeting she held with Election magistrates before the election.

The parties revealed, they uncovered ballot papers buried in the ground from across the country and widespread voters disenfranchised who the National Election Commission turned away, citing their names were not on the voting roll though they had their voting cards with them.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has also been accused of undermining her party and Vice President, Joseph Boakai who is running on the party’s ticket and that she is supporting the opposition candidate, Senator George Weah and fixed the election to favor him, with the purpose of ensuring she puts in place a puppet-President she can control from behind the scene who will ultimately fail and her legacy can then take preeminence.

Other reason for President Sirleaf’s unprecedented action to undermine her own party, observers beleive is to provide a vacancy in the Liberian Legislature by the election of the opposition candidate, Senator George Weah, the FIFA football icon to the Presidency which would trigger a special election and her favorite son, Robert Sirleaf would run for the the Liberian Senate

The Liberian leader, through her spokesperson denied the allegation levied against her bybhervown party of interfering in the election and characterized her meeting with election magistrates as normal function of her duty and the allegation is an attemp to undermine the democratic process.





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