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Liberia: Election Comm. Chair Printed 195% Excess Ballots But Misled Public, Revealed 3% Were Printed

BY J K K Peah


As the investigation into Liberia’s disputed election of alleged irregularities and fraud characterized the October 10th election being conducted by the National Election Commission-NEC, shocking revelations continue to be related with the latest coming from the Commission’s own witness, Director for Political and External Affairs put on stand on Saturday while responding to question posed  Cllr Benedict Sannoh, one of the Complainant’s Counsels about the amount of ballot papers printed for the October 10th election, said the Commission printed 4.1 million ballot papers but could not account for how much left after the conduct of the election .

The stunning revelation of the Director of Political and External affairs of the National Election Commission is a sharp contrast and new revelation of what the Chairman of the Commission told the public, specifically in one of his post-election press conference where he told the public that the National Election Commission printed three percent (3%) of extra or excess ballot papers for emergency use to replace pre-used damage ballots.

The new revelation of the Commission printing a total of 4.1 million ballot papers means the National Election Commission contrary to Chairman Jerome Korkoya, printed 195% extra or excess ballot papers  but misled the country that the Commission printed 3% extra or excess ballot papers, concealing  193%, a 2 million ballot papers.

It is strange and unprecedented the National Election Commission could printed 2 million extra ballot  to explain why the National Election Commission printed 195% extra ballot papers and conceal it from the public political parties as well as the justification of expanding the limited resources of the Commission wastefully and the intention of concealing the total amount extra ballot papers printed




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