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SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT: Profile In Courage of a Liberian Refugee & Liberian Born American, Garretson Alvin Smith, Int’l Security Expert Wins Martin Luther King Humanitarian & Leadership Award



Center-left: Garretson Alvin Smith

Mr Garretson Alvin Smith, a Liberian born American international security expert and  Special Investigator in the Washington DC Metro was awarded the prestigious Martin Luther King Humanitarian and Leadership Award by the World Conference of Mayor held in  Detroit, Michigan on October 23, 2017

Mr Smith was invited by the Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan to attend  and also address the World Conference of Mayors.

With over five hundred Mayors, entrepreneurs, and  Diplomats attending, the Liberian born American security expert thanked Mayor Duggan for affording him the honor to attend and addressed  the prestigious World Conference of Mayor and  called on Developing Cities to built more relationship with underdeveloped  cities around the world in an effort  of Capacity’s building in the areas of education ,health system  and other technical assistance, among others.

Investigator Smith was awarded the Martin Luther King Humanitarian by the founding President of the World Conference Johnny Ford former Mayor’s of Tuskegee , Current President of the World Conference of Mayor’s Edward Jones Current Mayor of Grambling, Lousianna

Investigator Smith  is an Investigator of economic Crimes and Crimes emulating from Conflict.

He is a Former member of K -For Kosovo Forces of NATO International Security Mission in the Balkans Multi National Battle Group East , United States Department of Defense.

Mr Smith is also a former security Contractor Staffer of  United States Department of Justice, United States Department of Homeland Security, the White House Visitors’ Center and International Monetary Funds among others.

Mr smith came to the United States as Liberian refugee and is among the many Liberian refugees in the United States who have beaten the odds and acclaim milestone achievements including the first elected black mayor in the state of Montana, Mayor Wilmot Collins, a Liberian refugee of the city of Helena, Montana.



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