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Breaking With Tradition: President-Elect, George Weah Says, “Thanks, No Thanks” To World Lebanese Culture Union’s Gift of US$1.2 Million To Transition Team


By J K K Peah



Monrovia- Sources close to the Transition Team of President-Elect, George Weah revealed that the President-elect refused a gift of US$1.2 Million from the World Lebanese Culture Union of Liberia and returned it to the Lebanese community in Liberia.

George Haddard, a prominent Lebanese businessman presented the gift on behalf of the Lebanese community in Liberia recently in Monrovia”, our sources covered anonymity with   said.

“This is how the Lebanese community usually comes in as a backdoor way to buy access to every government in Liberia and consequently controls the government”, sources to the Weah’s Transition Team confided.

The Lebanese community is powerful group in Liberia that controls a larger share of the economy.

It is yet to be seen whether the George Weah’s administration will continue to resist the enticement of the Lebanese community in Liberia and break from tradition where all previous governments have fallen prey to this powerful economic group of the country, especially when his government comes under economic hard times as governments before him did that would come to this powerful economic bloc to bail them out or the President-Elect is just playing bluff and will carve in soon like all other Liberian governments before him.




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