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Copy of Electro Night (3)

By J K K Peah


Monrovia- He could probably fit in the category of a prophet, looking 15 years back to his famous speech to his country before departing into a forced and self-imposed exile in Nigeria in 2003 after United States President George W. Bush told him to leave the Liberian Presidency or face consequences of ejection after his government was effectively overrun by a warring group,  President Charles Taylor said to the Liberian people, “by God’s willing, I will be back”, a famous quote that many Liberians still remember 15 years after.

As he sits in a London maximum prison for conviction of war crime in neighboring Sierra Leone, former President Charles Taylor could not had expected his famous words could come to close reality  within a decade after hearing that his ex-wife, Jewel Howard-Taylor was elected Vice President of his country and his former Aide-de-Camp, Momo Jibbah, commonly call “Bull Dog” is poised to becoming Aide-de-Camp to his ex- wife.

A reputable source revealed in anonymity that the former Aide-de-Camp to the war crime convict and former Liberian leader, Momo Jibbah (“Bull Dog”) has contacted friends and some band of brothers of the Liberian security profession that he has been tapped by Vice President-Elect, Jewel Howard-Taylor to be her Aide-de-Camp  and is soliciting their advice and help as he gets back on the job 15 years after.

If the “Bull Dog” indeed becomes Aide-de-Camp to his former boss’ ex- wife, Vice President-Elect, Jewel Howard-Taylor it will bring the puzzle into full understanding of the true fruition of the former President’s famous quote, ‘”God’s willing, I will be back” and also dramatizes the many concerns that the former Liberian President was dictating the politics of his country from behind a London prison could not be further from the truth as both his ex-wife and Vice President-Elect, Jewel Howard-Taylor and his former Aide-de-Camp serving as Aide-de-Camp to his ex-wife could form the perfect portrait of his return to Liberia and a real-time embodiment of his prophecy being fulfilled in full context.


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