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Liberians Abroad Launch ‘Burial Fund Drive ‘ for Slain School Teacher

“Let Liberians too, make an impact on the social media revolution and begin it in a meaningful way by taking care of a fallen classmate, friend, and a fellow , sister, cousin, niece, aunt and a “LIBERIAN lived abroad like all other Liberians living in the Diaspora”.


Young Liberian School Teacher Shot Dead in Ghana

“They stressed that further investigation could uncover evidence that the accused version of the shooting is unfounded. “You cannot shoot a bird in the middle of buzzing metropolitan; it is not in the forest”, observers say.

Little Elijah Anderson



Obama Wins Florida 2012 Electoral Count

After four days of voting, American’s most controversial and infamous electoral state, Florida has completed tallying its votes and given all its 29 Electoral votes to President Barack Obama matching up his to win to 332 Electoral votes against his opponent Governor Mitt Romney’s 306. Florida’s final puzzle has pieced together the concluding narrative of… Read More ›

How We Called Obama’s Victory Early Tuesday Morning No Other Media Saw Coming

“This silent splintered but diverse minority would carry President Obama over to the finished line if everything is held constant as the race is perceived and come Wednesday morning, “Americans will wake up to the re-election of President Barack Obama to a second them”.

Why America Will Wake Up Wednesday Morning to the Re-election of President Barack Obama

“This silent splintered but diverse non-African American minority will carry President Obama over to the finished line if everything is held constant as the race is perceived and come Wednesday morning, Americans will wake up to the re-election of President Barack Obama to a second term”.


Media’s Bias and Poor Portrayal of Africa Pose Difficulties for African Parents in the Diaspora and their Children, Says Dr. Sabrina Logan of Lehigh Valley Hospital

“we came with two things, our bags and our dreams” , some of us for education, some in search of fortune, and others in search of refuge”. Regardless of our previous situations we had arrived in the “Land of Opportunity”, and thus embarked on our respective journeys idealistic expectations”, the Lehigh Valley Hospital physician, said. It is the American Dream, Dr. Logan emphasized, that anyone can succeed through hard work and lead a life filled with liberty, happiness and success.” “Well, Dr. Logan noted, our arrival was a cultural shock.” The American dream does not tell you “how hard” the hard work will be”.


Lawmaker Sounds ‘SOS’: Liberia on the Brink, Fragile Peace Threatened By Oil Corruption, Nepotism and Proxy Presidency

“Mr. Rob Sirleaf, who absolutely has no knowledge of how the international oil and gas sector operates, wanted to force NOCAL to give Block 13 to Chevron at half the amount offered by Gazprom even when Chevron had not participated in the bid for the block, it was the National Legislature with its budgetary and oversight power that mandated that Block 13 be disposed off with no less than $27 million to the government treasury”.

Nobel Laureates’ War of Words, Pres Sirleaf Hits Back at Leymah Gbowee, Says Co-Nobel Laureate ‘Too Young’

Nobel Laureates’ War of Words, Pres Sirleaf Hits Back at Leymah Gbowee, Says Co-Nobel Laureate ‘Too Young’.


Nobel Laureates’ War of Words, Pres Sirleaf Hits Back at Leymah Gbowee, Says Co-Nobel Laureate ‘Too Young’

“My fellow Nobel laureate is too young to know what we’ve gone through to achieve peace and security in my country, to reach the level of democracy that we all are experiencing today,” Johnson-Sirleaf, 74, said in London.

Johnson-Sirleaf, who became Africa’s first female president in 2005, has been rebuilding a country devastated by civil wars from 1989 to 2003 that killed an estimated 250,000 people. Gbowee, a s

ocial worker, featured in “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” a documentary about the Liberian women who took on warlords and the regime of Charles Taylor during the civil war.”


Liberia: Ex-Wife of War Crime Convict and Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor ‘Unapologetic’ for Lawmakers Huge Salary increases

“On her first visit abroad after been removed from United Nations travel band few months ago, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and ex-wife war crime convict, Charles Taylor says she is unapologetic for the huge salary increases the Liberian Legislature has given themselves, asserting that she sees no reason why the Liberian public is crying foul. ‘We should in fact be paid more than that taking into account our responsibilities and what we do”.


Liberia: 200 Auditors/Analysts to be Fired at Country’s Auditing Commission, New Auditor General Reigns Havoc

“The new Auditor General has created a paralleled employees, evidence revealed by employing equal numbers of directors and employees who have no idea what an audit or accounting pay them jaw-dropping salaries while the old workers still receive their same that is one fourth what he pays his new workers. As evidence of the salary disparity the new employee receive, all directors were paid US$1,500.00 before his coming to the commission but the Auditor General paralleled directors he appointed are paid US$4,000.00 while the old directors still receive their same salary “.

jackie sayegh

Liberia: A Response to White Citizenship, the World is Changing Rapidly and Liberia Must Keep Pace with the Change

“The World is Changing Rapidly and Liberia Must Keep Pace with the Change”


Plot to Poison Benin’s President Foiled, Doctor, Niece and Gov’t Minister Arrested

“The plot to poison Benin President Boni Yayi,was however foiled by the president’s niece had informed her sister who then told the president, the state prosecutor said. The prosecutor said the plot was largely planned during the president’s recent visit to Brussels, Belgium.”

Whites Born in Liberia Push for Liberian Citizenship

Whites Born in Liberia Push for Liberian Citizenship.

Rima Merhi

Whites Born in Liberia Push for Liberian Citizenship

“As it stands, there are no reliable statistics to determine the number of people who are affected by this constitutional discrimination. But Liberia is native home to many Europeans, Americans, and Arabs. Most severely affected are the Lebanese people born in Liberia, and this is a very serious issue for Liberia, given that the economy is largely dominated by Lebanese traders and businessmen who have been in Liberia since the 1960s”.

Woman Beheaded for Refusing to Become Prostitute

“A young woman who refused to be forced into prostitution was beheaded in Afghanistan last week, a murder that illustrates the continuing cycle of violence against women in the country, according to advocates in the region”.

Left, President middle w/ son Robert
at immediate left

Liberia: Ruling Party Secretary General Admits to Nepotism and Corruption in Government

“But it seems the accusation of nepotism and corruption is not her worry even though the Liberian leader once admitted it was worrisome to her but by her recent action, and trip to Japan, she took along Robert Sirleaf and seated him right by her side during the official deliberations of the two governments, that public image is a testament of the President showcasing nepotism and corruption on the global stage”.

Liberia’s Former Auditor General Breaks Silence…………….

I believe CDC electing Mr. Solo as National Chairman and Mr. Tukpah as CDC USA Chairman will put CDC in good stead come 2014 and 2017, as both men are smart, committed, level headed, and willing to reach out to as many Liberians as possible. Congratulations!Current Events and Broad IssuesBoakai Boley ImageBefore I get to… Read More ›

Jordan P Image

Liberia’s Former Auditor General Breaks Silence…………….

“Corruption distorts even the private marketplace as it makes information unreliable and capital formation to promote a free enterprise system impossible. Further corruption undermines the rule of law because it makes justice available only to the highest bidder and in such situation there is no assurance of maintaining the sanctity of contracts and the protection of property rights. By undermining the pursuit of happiness because corruption has destroyed accountability, transparency and the rule of law, then public confidence in Government is eroded. And the citizens become to rationalize their problems by blaming it on corruption, forever pointing fingers at the corrupt officials ridding in big cars in Monrovia.”

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