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Liberia’s Richest Businessman Presidential Ambition Crumbling: Party’s USA Chairman Resigns and Calls Him a “Fake”

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                                 Mr.  Benoni Urey

The Chairman of the United States Chapter of the ‘All Liberians Party”,  the political vessel sailing Liberia’s richest businessman, Mr. Benoni Urey Presidential ambition, Mr Daniel Gayou has resigned his post and left the party.

Daniel Gayou

Daniel Gayou

Speaking to this entity recently, Mr Gayou said he tendered his resignation to Mr Urey and thanked  him for the time share working together but he could no longer see himself moving forward with Mr Urey and the “All Liberians Party” because from all indication the party and his Standard Bearer are not prepared to build Liberia free from the very vices that torn the country apart.

The All Liberians Party former USA Chairman said the party Standard Bearer surrounds himself with “no nothings” and these are the people he listens to rather than the institution because the sing praises and worship him instead of building a formidable democratic institution, describing his former boss as “fake” and not what he portrays himself to on the outside until you get in the inside and get to know the real Mr Urey”, Gayou said.

According to Mr Goyou he resign his post and from the party long before the recent resignation of the former organizing Chairman, Emmanuel Lomax but chose to play a low profile on his resignation.

Mr Gayou was speaking with the Editor of this entity at during a Memorial Day weekend program organized by the Philadelphia chapter of the United Bassa Association in the America (UNIBOA).

Mr Gayou is also Vice President of the United Bassa Association of the Americas (UNIBOA).

An executive of the “All Liberians Party” Talk Show Host, Henry Costa who resides in the United States and host ‘The Costa Show”, reacted sharply on his Facebook page to resignation of Mr Gayou, terming the Facebook thread as a “lie” and that he was still the Chairman of the ALP USA chapter.

Mr Gayou is the second high profile person to disengage from the Liberian businessman Presidential campaign and newly formed All Liberian party, with the resignation of the former organizing Chairman Mr Emmanuel Lomax who announced recently that he has departed ways with Mr Urey and the party for what he described as the party leader’s dictatorial traits and failure to live up to promises of help alleviate the dying needs of the Liberian people.


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