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China is Conquering Africa- Donates US$200 Million New African Union Headquarters

The African Union has inaugurated its newly built headquarters in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

“The entire $200m (£127m) project was funded by China as a gift to the AU, as Beijing continues to strengthen its influence in Africa.

In front of African leaders a huge golden key was handed over and the 100m high building was officially opened”.


Gbagbo Supporters Slam Foreign Sanction

RFI-Gbagbo supporters slam foreign sanctions  UN forces guard the UN HQ in AbidjanReuters/Thierry GouegnonBy RFI International sanctions on Côte d’Ivoire’s Laurent Gbagbo are “a threat to Ivory Coast”, says a top adviser to the recalcitrant Ivorian leader, while his interior minister told RFI that they “make me smile”. The US on Tuesday slapped a travel… Read More ›

On This Day, Where Were You?- Nov. 12, 1985

“We will not acheive the meaning of our purpose of this article if we fail to pay tribute to all our fallen beloved countrymen as the result of November 12, 1985 coup. We pay special tribute to an outstanding and very bright young Liberian journalist, Charles Gbeyon who was killed on this by the Doe government for doing nothing wrong but his noble responsibility, covering the events of the coup as they were unfolding but instead met his untimely death”.

CDC/Liberty Party Merger Runs into Limbo: Disagreements Endanger Prospect

The Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, Liberia largest opposition political party of football icon George Weah held a highly classified strategic working teleconference last night which lasted late into the early morning hours up to 2:00 am this morning. Sources inside the party attending the teleconference, all of whom asked for anonymity, informed this entity that the… Read More ›

TRC Report Resurfaces, Public Demands Full Implementation

TRC Report resurface, public demans full implementation of recoomendations of TRC in which President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf along with 30 others banned from holding public office

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