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TND Alert: FBI Raids Home of Pres Sireaf’s Son, (Robert Sirleaf) in the United States

“FBI Raids Home of Pres Sireaf’s Son, (Robert Sirleaf) in the United States”


Social Media Group, Liberian Electorial Colllege (LEC) Desribes Legislature’s Action, Overreach

“Our total disagreement and concern is with the overreach of this bill which in effect disenfranchises these individuals from exercising their political choice. It would seem by doing so would be penalizing them for having rendered invaluable services to the country. We are all aware of the role played by the bank in the negotiations and the arduous work done by it toward meeting the benchmarks that were required by the IMF and World Bank for external debt relief. We are also aware of the bank’s continuing astute management over the financial system of Liberia in adopting sound policies for the growth and expansion of the economy. We are cognizant of the low savings rate and depth of non-performing loans which have been some of the major challenges facing the banking system. The bank’s role in channeling loanable funds to underserved segments of the population should be embraced and further harnessed”.

Triangular Web of Thievery, Finance Minister and Deputies Feast on Public Coffers

Triangular Web of Thievery, Finance Minister and Deputies Feast on Public Coffers.

Liberians Abroad Launch ‘Burial Fund Drive ‘ for Slain School Teacher

“Let Liberians too, make an impact on the social media revolution and begin it in a meaningful way by taking care of a fallen classmate, friend, and a fellow , sister, cousin, niece, aunt and a ‚ÄúLIBERIAN lived abroad like all other Liberians living in the Diaspora”.

Who’s Accessing Charles Taylor’s $5Bn Accounts in Two U S Banks

The puzzle now is, since prosecutor Rapp told the world 9 years ago that the war crime convict had $5bn (US dollars) starched up in various banks around the world including two accounts in United States banks accessed surreptitiously, who is actually accessing former rebel leader’s accounts and what has been done trace who is really accessing the accounts.

“Will Liberia in fact ask the international community to give back the wealth stolen from their country during his 14 year reign of terror ripped from the country’s diamond, gold, timber and iron ore during the war?”

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