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Spain vs Neitherlands: Dutch Demolition Crew Led By Van Persie Decimates Spanish Football, Destroys Spain 5-1

“The Dutch meant business, they came to take of unfinished business with Spain and when they were done after ninety-four minutes of play, the football world is stunned, a World Cup defending champ has been decimated 5-1 goals, new record set- no defending World Cup champ had ever been decimated in such obliterating fashion. The Dutch has stamped their seal on they world football stage, saying at last, this our time.”


From the Presidency to Senate: George Weah Ends Speculations, Throws in Hat for 2014 Senatorial Race

“He is a football icon, George Weah, FIFA former “World Best” who turned politician by coincidence as his country got caught up in a long civil war and fragmented necessitating the hope for a leader who would bring the country into one fold the various cleavages which permeated his country.

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who mesmerized his countrymen on the soccer pitch even during the peak of the country civil war came to relevance in his country politics even though he was a neophyte coming from the soccer pitch and brushed off the sweat from the playing pitch and hurriedly hung up his football boots and trading his jersey for coat suits and ties and haphazardly catapulted unto the political stage hoping in desperation that he could hold his country together knowing that soccer is a unifying force in the country and if he could win the 2005 Presidential elections after 14 years of war, Liberia could re-gain its stability”.

Liberia: Former A G John Morlu, Turned down George Weah’s Graduation and CDC Party Conference Invitations

Liberia: Former A G John Morlu, Turned down George Weah’s Graduation and CDC Party Conference Invitations.

Liberia: Former A G John Morlu, Turned down George Weah’s Graduation and CDC Party Conference Invitations

“The former Auditor General of Liberia, John S. Morlu turned down invitations from the political leader and Standard Bearer of Liberia’s leading opposition party, Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), George Weah to attend his MBA graduation ceremonies held on July 27, 2013 in Florida and the CDC party leadership conference which took place from 1 August 1 through 4 August in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Liberia: ” Senate 2014, Weah vs Debah”, A Plot to Retire Opposition Leader and Soccer Icon From Politics Uncovered

“The concocted plot the source says, is fixated to embarrass the Liberian opposition leader and make him an irrelevant factor in the country’s politics because if he runs for the Senate, it will be the lowest and tripled down public office he will be contesting for after unseccessfully running for President against President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2005 and Vice President in 2011 respectively. “For an opposition leader and iconic as Mr. Weah is, coming down to contest that low a public office will embarrass and demoralize the soccer legend turned politician and ultimately force him into retirement and out of politics for good”, an observer conceded”

Planned Match Between Liberia, Jamaica Canceled

“We don’t actually believe it was a hoax,” he said. “Everything seems perfectly (legitimate) and we are working with the promoter for two other matches in August and September. But we now learned the lesson. We’re not going to put step two before step one.”

Liberia: George Weah Faces Expulsion from Party………..

“The soccer legend retired from active football in 2005 five to take a new journey in politics though a first time comer, Weah was chosen to lead his generation to reclaim the future of their country and was elected standard bearer of Liberia’s populous and grassroot party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) which took part in the country 2005 elections. The party lost in the runoff to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf after having won the first round by a 28% of the votes”.

Liberians Snooped Run-off, Dismal Turnout Nationwide

Liberians Snooped Run-off, Dismal Turnout Nationwide

Monrovia- Liberians turnout in dismal numbers in the much anticipated and controversial presidential run-off election yesterday one day after a bloody clash of state police and partisans of the opposition, now come to be referred to as “Bloody Monday”, at the headquarters of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change where state police cracked down on partisans and shot live bullets at the gathering killing seven partisans in counting and injuring several others.
Some polls around the country have to close as early as 12:00 mid-day because there no voters were at the polls, for other polling centers, dozens of voters were seen line in cues to cast their ballots. Several poll workers were seen sleeping because no voters were at the precincts as one poll worker said, “With no voters here and job to do, we eventually get boring”.
Poll workers and the National Election Commission confirmed some precincts have to be relocated because the owners of those facilities refused to allow the commission use their properties.
The low turnout is blamed on the boycott of the opposition party and the Monday violence. One Liberian who refused to vote said, he didn’t vote in protest to those of his fellow Liberians killed by state police in cold blood and others brutalized.
Another Liberian who among a group of bystanders at the other end of the street gazing at a precinct narrates, “we will not vote, how does “Ellen” (President Sirleaf) in her right mind thinks we will go and vote after her police killed our brothers and sisters and others? Let her go and be President, isn’t she wants to be President at all cost even if it means everybody dies?
The opposition Congress for Democratic Change, CDC boycotted the run-off after the Liberian government failed to reach its demands as the party puts it, “their pre-conditions for their participation in the run-off. The opposition party among other things demanded the resignation of former election commission chairman, James Fromoyan, recounting of the October 11the first round ballots, restructuring of the commission to reflect balance, independence, transparency, integrity, trust, and confidence.
The opposition accused the election commission of fixing the result to favor President Sirleaf who was seeking second term. Chairman Fromoyan stepped down under pressure from the opposition and fled into exile to Ghana immediately after his resignation en route to The United where he arrived two weeks ago. Analysts believed the former election chief is beginning his self-imposed exile life in the United States, stressing , he’ll live there for a very long while because they don’t see how he can return to his own country sooner after leaving a grave dilemma inflicted on the country by his ill leadership as election chief of his country crucial election.
The international community scored the first round free and fair and the claims of the opposition as unfounded, noting their complaint of result fixing does not amount to the level of affecting the outcome of the overall result of the election.
Turnout of the run-off is estimated to be as low as 25% of the 1.7 million registered voters, a far cry from the 71% turnout of the October 11th first round vote.
The Congress for Democratic Change which won 33% of the votes in the first round election behind President Sirleaf and her ruling Unity Party which won 44%, were both qualified to go to the run-off since no one to person or party of the 16 candidates who participated in the election on October got the 50% plus one needed to avoid a run-off as required by the Liberian constitution.
Tension of the opposition insistence of boycotting the run-off escalated into violence Monday afternoon after their Standard Bearer made a last minute stand to show his party dissatisfaction when he called on all partisans to dress in white and assemble at the party headquarters to peacefully protest.
State police, well armed, descended on the opposition headquarters and a standoff soon erupted between them and the partisans who got nervous of the presence of armed state police at their headquarters on a peaceful protest on the grounds of the party headquarters. Scuffle broke out between the police and CDC partisans which resulted into stone throwing and the police firing tear gas and live bullets into the gathering, killing seven persons, including the personal bodyguard to the party Standard Bearer, Cllr. Winston Tubman.
The opposition Standard Bearer was shot in the head from live bullet from state police just few second after shoved his boss into the car, taking him out of harm’s way.
Monday bloodbath didn’t and deters the Liberian government and election commission but conducted the election as scheduled yesterday. The Liberian government and election commission insisted the conduct of the election was a
must conform with the constitution says, “a run-off shall be conducted two weeks after an election is conducted and no one candidate participating in the run-off received 50% plus 1of the total votes cast”.
Cllr. Tubman narrowly escaped an assassination attempt since a live bullet was directly shot at him but killing his personal bodyguard instantly. The opposition Standard Bearer and running mate, soccer icon, George Weah were also tear gassed by state police and the vehicle carrying the party Vice Standard Bearing fleeing the scene and taking him into safety was fired upon with live bullets from state police firing directly at the car while being taken into safety by his personal security, narrowly escaping assassination as well.
It is being said, Liberia must thank the United nations peacekeeping forces in the country, they spared what would had been a broad day light massacre as they drew their weapons on state security forces, forcibly disarming them, thereby preventing a bloodbath which could had led to the massacre of lot of Liberians of the opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change.
The Liberian government is yet address the Monday bloodbath and brutality against armless and defenseless citizens but the President, coming from voting in her hometown outside of Monrovia yesterday, said she is sorry for the loss and promise a full investigation, amplifying, if re-elected, she will find a way to reconcile the country.
The low turnout of the run-off exacerbates the concern of the international community that if the opposition didn’t participate in the election, President Sirleaf administration won’t have legitimacy and credibility even if voters had turned out in satisfactory numbers.
A government employee who showed his tomb with ink, meaning he has voted said, all government employees were warned to vote and if one did not vote and return to work without ink on their finger, they will be dismissed from their job.
Government employees who were forced against their will to vote by threat of losing their job, carved a sophisticated scheme to mark candidates, President Sirleaf and Winston Tubman, though Tubman boycotted the election but his picture remained on the ballots since they were already printed before the boycott, would then render their votes invalid and their rejection of the runoff protected and on the other hand protecting their job.
There will be lot of invalid votes, a government employee said as the result of our scheme.
If the story of the scheme government employees who deployed this discrete scheme, then the 25% turnout estimated would be dismal even more.
Some international and national accredited observers told the acting Chairman of the election commission that they were denied entry into the voting booth by state police deployed at precincts during the reconciliation and counting of the ballots.
The chairman said she did not give or award of any orders barring accredited observers from precincts or observing the process.

Monday bloodbath didn’t deter the Liberian government and election commission but conducted the election as scheduled yesterday. “The Liberian government and election commission insisted the conduct of the election was a must conform with the constitution says, “a run-off shall be conducted two weeks after an election is conducted and no one candidate participating in the run-off received 50% plus 1of the total votes cast”.

George Weah Back on the Pitch, Rejoins Lonestar: Is He Saying Goodbye to Politics?

“I spoke with Mr. Weah via phone on yesterday (Wednesday) asking him to come back to the Lone Star , and I informed him that I have recalled other ex-internationals including James Debbah, Joe Nagbe, Kelvin Sebwe, Oliver Markor, Louis Crayton and George Gebro”. “Weah embraced the idea saying “this is beyond politics. The Lone Star is for the Liberian people and if there is a need for me to come, I will”.

The New Dispensation Year Under Review-Thank You and Happy New Year

As we marked the end of the year 2010, the end of the first decade of the 2000 millennium, we are humbled and  fascinated that out of the unexpected as every innovation known to man had come  on the horizon to unravel new trend of inventions and discoveries through  curiosity, enthusiasm, and inspiration, so is… Read More ›

Labor Minister Gongloe Accuses Pres. Sirleaf of Dictatorship and Imperialism: Differs on Mass Cabinent Firing

“I want to assure the public that I will always remain the person whom I have always been known to be, standing for what is right and speaking truth to power. I am always guided in my public life by the fact that what I considered to be wrong yesterday are wrong today and I dare not cross the line. I have found nothing in government to change me from the person that I have always been. It is because I have not crossed the line that I have not stopped coming to Cenpid ,since we established it in 1991”.

FIFA Suspends Nigeria…….

The Federation of Nigeria Football was suspended Monday, October 4th by the Federation of International Football (FIFA) Executive Emergency Committee for  interference by the Nigeria government into the football  affairs of that country football governing body. Nigeria has been suspended on the grounds  of court actions against elected members of the Executive Committee of the… Read More ›

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