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Liberia: Ex-Wife of War Crime Convict and Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor ‘Unapologetic’ for Lawmakers Huge Salary increases

“On her first visit abroad after been removed from United Nations travel band few months ago, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and ex-wife war crime convict, Charles Taylor says she is unapologetic for the huge salary increases the Liberian Legislature has given themselves, asserting that she sees no reason why the Liberian public is crying foul. ‘We should in fact be paid more than that taking into account our responsibilities and what we do”.


Charles Taylor is Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison

“The sentence is clearly excessive, clearly disproportionate to his circumstances, his age and his health and does not take into account the fact that he stepped down from office voluntarily,” Morris Anya disclosed, one of the lawyers representing the former Liberian leader”.

As Charles Taylor Faces 50 Years in Prison, Push for War Crimes Court for Liberia Heightens

” President Sirleaf should also be recommended for prosecution to the ICC for “aiding and abetting” them (warlords) during the war, saying “her financial contribution to the war could be US$10 million, because US$10,000 could not buy any gun and be your contribution towards somebody that you push in the war front to fight”

Former Liberian President and Ex-Rebel Leader Charles Taylor Found Guilty of War Crime

“While today’s conviction brings some measure of justice to the people of Sierra Leone, Taylor and the others sentenced by the Special Court are just the tip of the iceberg,” the group’s Brima Abdulai Sheriff said in a statement.

Former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo in the Hague

“He will share a cell block with former Liberian President Charles Taylor, who is waiting for a verdict in his trial at an ad hoc tribunal on charges of orchestrating atrocities in Sierra Leone”.

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