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SOS CALL: Help Save the Life of a 2nd Degree Burn Liberian Electrical Engineer Lecturer Seek Medical Treatment Abroad

“The Management of  ‘The New Dispensation” joins the Gargard family of a Liberia to send out an “SOS Call” every person of goodwill to donate to the $150k (US dollars) Medical Fund setup by the Gargard family the save the life their love one,  Mr Nelson Gargard who got tragically burned on December 24, 2016  while trying to recuse his 15-years old daughter from the fire when their house  got engulfed in flames while the family was asleep. Unfortunately, his 15-years old  little girl died in the fire but Mr. Gargard suffered severe burn and needs medical treatment abroad for reconstructive surgery”.


Organization Fostering U S-Liberia Relations Lobbies US Lawmakers to Prevail On U S Government Extend TPS For Liberians

“The organization fostering US-Liberia relations, the Liberia-America Friendship Organization spent the entire Monday working phones and communicating United States lawmakers appealing to them to prevail on the U S government including President Trump, State Department and Homeland Secretary to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for the over two thousand Liberians who TPS status expired last Saturday”.

Liberia: “Warrant of Arrest” In United States For Dept. Police Director, A B Kromah For Child & Spousal Support Default.

Source: Liberia: “Warrant of Arrest” In United States For Dept. Police Director, A B Kromah For Child & Spousal Support Default.

Liberia: An American & Presidential Candidate Use of Human-Vehicles On Campaign, Brings Back Ghost of Country’s Dark Past

“Former Coco Cola Executive, Alexander Cummings who retired last March took some of his fortune to Liberia where he was born but denounced his citizenship for naturalized American citizenship, returned after over 40 years of living outside of the country to contest for President in October though he is ineligible by the constitution, election laws and National Code of Conduct”.

Liberia: “I Would Had Fired Half of the Cabinet If I Were President Sirleaf”, Says Vice President Joseph Boakai

“The Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai addressing a town hall meeting of Liberians in Philadelphia, United States, yesterday evening told his fellow citizens that “if he were President Sirleaf, he would had fired half of the cabinet for corruption and disregard for the rule of law for failing to resign their posts consistent with the “Code of Conduct” but are still serving in the government while they remain officials in their respective political parties”.

Liberia: Election Commission Chairman, Cllr Korkoya Must Recuse Himself Or President Sirleaf Replaces Him Without Delay

“Cllr Korkoya legal competence to conduct the Liberia’s election is serious owing to the allegation that he is a U S citizen because if indeed he is a U S citizen and still presides over the October elections, it will be illegitimate, non and avoid, a scary scenario the country must avert without delay by calling on National Election Commission Chairman to recuse himself or President Sirleaf takes swift action and replaces him to save the country’s posterity”.

Female Journalists Association of Liberia Embarks on Voter Registration Campaign

“With Liberia’s Voter Registration entering its final week to March 7th, the Female Journalist Association of Liberia- (FeJAL), is embarking on a massive voter registration campaign as Liberia leaps into the final stretch of a marathon Voter Registration commenced on February 1st”.

Tapping Into His Nigerian Heritage: Liberia’s Presidential Candidate, Alex Cummings Goes to Nigeria to Garner Support From West Africa’s Regional Power

“Mr. Cummings is well positioned to earn the support of the leaders of Nigeria, regional power whose endorsement could boost his candidacy in the rearview mirror of monumental role they’re playing in Liberia and as a regional economic and military power of West Africa tapping into his heritage as a grand son of Nigerian immigrant father grand father who has become a Nigerian migrant successs story flanged by his many years of resident in the country when he served as Vice President of Cocoa Cola where his assignment stationed him.”

Poll On President Sirleaf’s Reaction to Donald Trump’s Election as 45th President of the United States

“Poll on President Sirleaf’s reaction to Donald Trump election as President of the United States”

New Gambian Prez Barrow Inaugurated, ECOMOG Moves Into Gambia Oust Yahya Jammeh

“President Adama Barrow was today inaugurated in the Gambian Embassy in Senegal and the West African regional group ECOWAS’ military arm, ECOMOG, has moved into Gambia to oust intransigent former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh from power who is refusing to leave power and declared state of emergency after losing the December 1st election last year”.

Love or Hate Her: A Presidential Library for Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Must Be Established

“Some Liberians may love or hate her and for genuine reasons too, but President Ellen Johnson Presidency is one that will stand out in history for eternity and because of the uniqueness of  her Presidency, whether successful or not, commands the respect for a special place in Liberian of Liberian annuals history that must be preserved  for posterity and future generation and also showcased which obviously requires the establishment of the “President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Presidential Library”.

Prominent Liberian Female Lawyer Establishes Legal Services in United States to Meet Her Compatriots’ in the Diaspora Legal Needs in Their Homeland

“Philadelphia-A prominent Liberian female lawyer, Attorney Lois Nimley-Nyenpan, has established the “Liberian & American Legal Services” recently in the United States to meet the legal needs of her fellow compatriots living abroad with legal needs and services in their home country, Liberia”

War-Fear Grips Liberia: Unknown Armed Men Invade Country, Heavy Shooting in West of Country

“You know, we have war experience from the prolong civil war we went through… anything that is coming, if it is war, we’ll still to our areas and if the war comes, that’s it, nothing we can do and what will be will be”.

Liberia: “We’re Innocent”, Prominent Lawyer Varney Sherman And House Speaker Granted Bill in Global Witness Corruption Scandal

“Human rights lawyer Tiawon Gongloe says the ongoing probe of Cllr. Varney Sherman and other officials of government for bribery as alleged in a Global Witness report should serve as the beginning of a vigorous process in the fight against corruption in Liberia”.

Liberia: Arrest Warrant Issued in U S For Opposition Leader, Senator George Weah on Felony of Child Abandonment

Newton County Sheriff office in the state of Georgia, United States on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 issued Arrest Warrant for Liberia’s Senator George Weah and leader of that country biggest opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change.

“According to the Arrest Warrant, the opposition leader who announced his bid for the country’s Presidency in 2017 on Thursday, April 28, 2016 before a sea of partisans which the party styled, “Two Million Man March and Blue Day” is charged with felony child abandonment”.

Breaking the Law & Possible Jail Time: How Alexander Cummings, A U S Citizen Got Liberian Passport?

“The million dollars question is how did and could Mr Alexander Cummings, the Coco Cola Executive obtained Liberian passport and is asserting he a Liberian and is running to be President of that West African nation when he is a United States citizen by his own public admission making him ineligible for Liberian passport and participating in the country’s politics let alone running for President in keeping with its constitution, immigration law and election laws.”

Liberia: Minister Amara Konneh Leaves Finance, Goes to World Bank for H-Level Post

Liberia’s Finance Minister, Amara Konneh leaves to take up new assignment shortly at the world Bank with station in Nairobi, Kenya.

“According to credible information affirmed by sources with the World Bank and Mr. Konneh’s affirmation to associates who are covered with anonymity, the third post-war Liberian Finance Minister will be taking up assignment soon as Manager for Fragility and Post-Conflict with the World Bank, Nairobi post.”

Coca-Cola Executive, Alex Cummings Retires: Sets Eyes On Liberia’s Presidency But Immigration Authorities Say He’s Not Liberian

“Though retiring from the corporate world, the Coca-Cola Executive is not yet done but sets to adventure into the public sector as he eyes the Presidency of his native country, Liberia in that West African nation’s Presidential and general elections in 2017”.

Opposition Party Chairman, Lomax Infers: Former Foreign Minister Ngafuan Resigned for Embezzling “Japanese Fund”, GSA Director Broh Confides.

Source: Opposition Party Chairman, Lomax Infers: Former Foreign Minister Ngafuan Resigned for Embezzling “Japanese Fund”, GSA Director Broh Confides.

Opposition Party Chairman, Lomax Infers: Former Foreign Minister Ngafuan Resigned for Embezzling “Japanese Fund”, GSA Director Broh Confides.

“Months after his recent resignation as Foreign Minister from President Sirleaf’s government, the Chairman of the newly certified “All Liberians Party”, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax had infers that former Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan resigned for embezzling millions of dollars from the “Japanese Fund” provided by the Japanese government as assistance to the government and people of Liberia”.

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