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Election in the Jungle: Liberia’s 2017 Election, Lies, Forgeries, Corruption, Gamesmanship and Messy Judiciary

By J K K Peah thenewdispensation@gmail.com When anyone thought the election to replace the outgoing  democratically elected  first woman President of Africa and a Noble Peace Prize Winner for Human and Women’s Rights, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would be marked by the brightest glimpse of transparency and full application and enforcement of the laws governing the conduct… Read More ›

At 170 Years, Liberia On the Verge of Holding “Fraudulent And Illegitimate Election” Under the Watchful Eyes of Africa’s First Woman President and Nobel Peace Laureate

The refusal of the Liberian President to remove Mr Korkoya or ask him to rescue himself from presiding over the election until the accusation of his American “citizenship is settled by the court but instead, allows him to continue to administer the landmark election, is a glaring indication that President Sirleaf is ungrateful to the Liberian nation and people and holds a graved disdain for the laws and institutions of the country, a trademark of disloyalty to country and a traitor of patriotism”.

LIAFO Lauds NEC for Enforcing “Code of Conduct”/Election Laws But Calls For Sanctity At the Commission Too

“If Liberia must change, it takes individual and collective effort and the selfless stance of every Liberian can stand up for in the interest of the national advancement of the country and the NEC is at this place in history making where you choose you place far from paralells of the 1928 and 1985 elections.

In appreciation of the new dispensation the Commission is sailing the country through, LIAFO again commends you and stresses you equitably apply the laws without favor or special interest and let Liberia ehcoes across international wires, that Africa’s oldest Republic and democracy has done it again, and is BACK!”

Liberia: Election Commission Chairman, Cllr Korkoya Must Recuse Himself Or President Sirleaf Replaces Him Without Delay

“Cllr Korkoya legal competence to conduct the Liberia’s election is serious owing to the allegation that he is a U S citizen because if indeed he is a U S citizen and still presides over the October elections, it will be illegitimate, non and avoid, a scary scenario the country must avert without delay by calling on National Election Commission Chairman to recuse himself or President Sirleaf takes swift action and replaces him to save the country’s posterity”.

Liberia: Supreme Court Ruling On Code of Conduct Effectively Ends Former Central Bank Governor Jones’ Presidential Quest

“The latest and first to be found ineligible to contest the country’s October election by the Supreme Court of Liberia’s Thursday ruling in which the Court upheld the Code of Conduct is former Central Bank Governor, Dr. J. Mills Jones.”

LIAFO Observes Liberia’s Voter Registration, Calls for Peaceful Election and Smooth Transfer of Power

“LIAFO sees it a solemn responsibility to creating an enabling environment where the Liberian electorates, political parties, candidates, public and the world at large can have faith and confidence in the counduct of the elections and that the October 10th elections are conducted in a free, fair and transparent climate and the process and ultimate result of the is reflective of the will of the Liberian people and result accepted as a genuine reflection of the votes cast, thereby eleiminating incentives for false alarm of election fraud and mislead the public to take into the streets to the threaten the peace and security of the country by a scrupulous and aggrieved party or candidate whose claims contradict data from polling centers.”

Breaking the Law & Possible Jail Time: How Alexander Cummings, A U S Citizen Got Liberian Passport?

“The million dollars question is how did and could Mr Alexander Cummings, the Coco Cola Executive obtained Liberian passport and is asserting he a Liberian and is running to be President of that West African nation when he is a United States citizen by his own public admission making him ineligible for Liberian passport and participating in the country’s politics let alone running for President in keeping with its constitution, immigration law and election laws.”

2017 Election Must Include Liberians Living Abroad By Absentee Balloting or A Stay Placed on the Election If…..

“The upcoming 2017 election in Liberia MUST include Liberians living abroad and the National Election Commission should not anticipate ignoring and excluding Liberians living abroad in calculated refusal and denial of the fundamental and constitutional right Liberians living abroad to participate in the governance of their country as protected in the country’s constitution and a breached of articles 1, 2, 6, 7, 13(2 ) and 21.1 of the Universal Declaration of human Rights along with articles 77(a) and 80(c) of the Liberian constitution”

TND Alert: Soccer Icon George Weah is Elected Senator

TND Alert: Soccer Icon George Weah is Elected Senator. Football icon George Weah is elected Senator in a very low turnout special election in Liberia today. Preliminary result of the election coming out of Montserrado County  shows a voting pattern- George Weah is receiving  huge percentage of the votes including rural Montserrado County. The New Dispensation… Read More ›

TND Endorses George Weah for Senate in Liberia

TND Endorses George Weah for Senate in Liberia. Endorsing the Congress for Democratic Change candidate, George Weah is  a  malaria pill this entity can stomach and live with the avert consequences of this decision because it would mitigate a bigger  danger which would befall Liberia if President Sirleaf’s son is elected to the Senate and ultimately… Read More ›

“I Will Deal with Them, They Will Bleed Like Ebola Victims”: President Sirleaf’s Son Mocks Ebola Outbreak, Ruling Party Describes Him as “Emerging Monster” that Must be Stopped.

Though Liberia is yet to be declared Ebola- free and children who had been out of school for months go back to school, surprisingly, the country is heading for a midterm Senatorial elections on December 16, 2014 where fifteen Senators will be seeking re-election and President Sirleaf’s son (Robert Sirleaf) is among a slew of… Read More ›

CDC Cries Foul on NEC’s Selective Reporting: Claims, Party Swept Bong, and Others But………

Liberia’s opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change, one of  the many parties that participated in the Tuesday elections is expressed their satisfaction and transparent manner in which the election was conducted but expresses concern on what the party believes is the selective reporting of the first provisional results announced earlier today. The CDC spokesman, FLT/LT(rtd)  Gerald Smith appeared on ‘Voice of Gedeh’,… Read More ›

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