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Liberia is World’s Most Corrupt Country: 2010 TI Report Grades Liberia

“A German based organization which focuses on tracking counries involve in corruption has published its global corruption report for 2010 and grades Liberia s the world’s most corrupt country accounting 89% followed by Uganda and Cambodia with 86% and 84% respectively”.


Liberia Foreign Missions in Shambles and Neglect: Sloppiness and Inefficiencies, U N and Washington DC Top it All

“And what is most disheartening to learn is the President herself is not prioritizing the Liberia’s foreign mission, especially with special attention on Liberia’s frontline embassies and allocating the best of the of support to conduct Liberia’s postwar public diplomacy in primacy. The President hardly pass by at the Liberia mission when she is at the United Nations or the embassy in Washington DC when she is in Washington”.

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